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When addressing employee fraud, infidelity, or personal threats experience is important. Advantage Investigation & Protection, LLC (AIP) is a full service professional investigative and protection agency that serves the northern Virginia area. With more than 25 years of experience in military special operations, private security and federal law enforcement, we have performed high level federal, state, and private investigations employing advanced computer and field techniques. We tailor our price structure to offer reasonable rates to both individuals and businesses alike.

From tried and true investigative practices like surveillance and interviews, to techniques utilizing a professional database and advanced electronic devices, we believe every investigation is unique, and will apply the approach most likely to get you useful results in the most timely manner. AIP is on the cutting edge, Utilizing live GPS units, hidden cameras, concealed body cameras and more! Read more about some of our services and speciality equipment by clicking this link.

We provide a free initial phone consultation to advise how we can assist you. Click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions


"I used AIP on two different occasions, and both times they exceeded my expectations. They were very thorough, and their attention to detail helped me to get the information I needed to get what I needed. I had used another local PI years ago and Darren was by far more professional, and had more versatile skill sets in the areas I needed most. I have referred him to some good friends and family over the years, and not one of them have ever given me less than great feedback. The price was more than reasonable for the results that were returned. Highly Recommended."--by Alexander Manzo

"If you ever have the need for this type of service, I highly recommend AIP. If you are looking for honesty, integrity and results, look no further. Easy to work with, excellent communication."--by James Williams

"....I can say with confidence that if you are looking for professional, dependable service and accurate information that you can rely on, then you need Advantage Investigation and Protection." --by Nate884

"I have been in law enforcement for over 17 years. I have worked in small towns and large cities like Seattle WA. Of all the fellow Officers and Investigators I have met and worked with... I can say that Darren Weber is one of the most trustworthy Investigators I have had the privilege to work with." --by Mike Toth

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We will provide a professional level of service unsurpassed by any in the industry. With past training, education and experience, as well as an arsenal of technical tools and techniques to assist us, we invite you to compare us with anyone in private industry. After serving dozens of clients in the private sector, we have not had a dissatisfied customer. Let us meet your investigative or protection needs today.

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Some of Our Recent Cases and Activities:


  • Assisted local business in a Racial Harassment case, resulting in termination of an offending employee.
  • Covertly monitored a fraudulent employee's computer collecting data on emails, websites visited, screenshots and more
  • Solved a duel missing person case locating both individuals for client
  • Performed a data investigation of the Ashley Madison List for a prominent client to prevent future extortion
  • Assisted Virginia State Police in a wrongful death hit and run case
  • Took lead on a corporate embezzlement case ,resulting in multiple state charges filed and subsequent convictions
  • Obtained strong evidence in multiple infidelity/child custody cases
  • Provided protection to local business owner threatened by shotgun wielding prior employee
  • Solved an insurance fraud case involving a lawsuit by installation of a hidden camera, after insurance investigators failed to obtain evidence
  • Investigated 2 federal Law Enforcement ATF employees, leading to an Internal Affairs follow up for policy violations
  • Assisted in a multi-million dollar insurance fraud case
  • Have been twice selected as a mentor for the Gifted Independent Study Program which features high acheiving local students