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About the CEO


The company's founder - Darren Weber - was a former Special Forces "A" detachment member, serving on a HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) freefall team. He attended college and graduated with degrees in the technology field, and spent nearly a decade with the U.S. Marshals Service as part of a Fugitive Task Force , investigating and apprehending serious felony offenders. Now he devotes the same dedication, honesty and expertise toward assisting his clients.


What is the process for hiring AIP?

It typically starts with a free phone consultation. Tell us about your situation, so we can determine if we can help. If we can, we will quote you a retainer and (usually) meet with you. At the meeting AIP will conduct a full interview, have you sign a contract, receive the retainer, and begin your case. If you live out of town or require a limited flat rate service, we may be able to work with you via phone, email & credit card.

If I hire you for an investigation, what are the chances you can help?

Our chances of assisting you are very good; we typically get results that make a major difference in your situation or case, regularly saving clients large sums of money, or resolving the critical problem.

Do you always require a retainer?

Working at an hourly rate from a retainer is our most common model. However, if you require a one time task to be preformed (like a 1 day surveillance or database search) we can usually quote a flat rate fee.

Do you provide invoices and reports?

AIP policy is to provide invoices or reports if it is needed for your case. A quality report documenting evidence is the norm.

How do I know you are a legitimate business?

Every state has different requirements for the private security industry. In Virginia, private security is regulated by the DCJS (Department of Criminal Justice Services). Current legitimate businesses can be reviewed at the DCJS website (Enter 11-6710 into the "Licence number" field to view AIP). DCJS requires the display of this DCJS business number in all advertising, which is in the form of 11-XXXX.