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Utilizing GPS units during Investigations

June, 2017

New video, Utilizing GPS units for investigative impact.

AIP utilizing a GoPro* camera mount


May 2017

A GoPro* camera mount is now available for surveillance operations to support other methods of photographing and obtaining video evidence. The GoPro* camera adds another facet of obeservation and documentation. The GoPro* can be set to record video or Time lapse evidence on an automated basis. The consistent adding of new and advanced equipment continues to add capability for our clients. *GoPro is a trademark of GoPro Inc. and has no affiliation with AIP

AIP has obtained a new, 600mm Zoom lens


April 2017

A Tameron high quality 150 - 600 mm zoom lens is the latest addition to our list of investigative equipmemt. So much of what we do involves surveillance, and often involves obtaining images or video evidence. This new lens has autofocus and autostabilzation, and adds additional long range capability to our growing list of high end equipment.

AIP is now a member of PIAVA


November 2016

AIP has joined the Private Investigators Association of Virgnina. PIAVA is one of Virginia's commonly sited private security organizations. As part of the vetting process, AIP provided detailed background information, and three references were interviewed. AIP will associate with PIAVA, networking information and work opportunities.

Conducted covert computer surveillance


November 2016

Executed a complex computer surveillance, setting up the target system to capture emails, websites visited, critical screenshots, and keystrokes. All this was done to monitor an employee with a history of fraudulent activity in the workplace. As a result of the operation was able to obtain critical information to assist the employerer in the decision making process.

Wearable concealed video equipment


July 2016

Always adding cutting edge capability! Concealable body gear is just another way to get the pictures or video needed to assist our clients with hard evidence. As technology advances, we will always be scouring the internet, investing in and testing new equipment to maintain our status as the most capable investigative firm around.

New Promotional Video Added

February, 2016

AIP Investigations has added a new promotional video, "Experience gets results".

Virginia GPS Law

January 2016

The legality of utilizing GPS devices varies from state to state, with some states still silent on the issue. About 2 years ago, Virginia passed a law disallowing the use of GPS devices, with certain exceptions, and Private Investigators are one of the exempt parties. This tool, along with hidden cameras and other technologically advanced equipment, allows AIP to provide quality results. The Virginia statute is posted below.

§ 18.2-60.5. Unauthorized use of electronic tracking device; penalty.
A. Any person who installs or places an electronic tracking device through intentionally deceptive means and without consent, or causes an electronic tracking device to be installed or placed through intentionally deceptive means and without consent, and uses such device to track the location of any person is guilty of a Class 3 misdemeanor.
B. The provisions of this section shall not apply to the installation, placement, or use of an electronic tracking device by:
1. A law-enforcement officer, judicial officer, probation or parole officer, or employee of the Department of Corrections when any such person is engaged in the lawful performance of official duties and in accordance with other state or federal law;
2. The parent or legal guardian of a minor when tracking (i) the minor or (ii) any person authorized by the parent or legal guardian as a caretaker of the minor at any time when the minor is under the person's sole care;
3. A legally authorized representative of an incapacitated adult, as defined in § 18.2-369; 4. The owner of fleet vehicles, when tracking such vehicles;
5. An electronic communications provider to the extent that such installation, placement, or use is disclosed in the provider's terms of use, privacy policy, or similar document made available to the customer; or
6. A registered private investigator, as defined in § 9.1-138, who is regulated in accordance with § 9.1-139 and is acting in the normal course of his business and with the consent of the owner of the property upon which the electronic tracking device is installed and placed. However, such exception shall not apply if the private investigator is working on behalf of a client who is subject to a protective order under § 16.1-253, 16.1-253.1, 16.1-253.4, 16.1-279.1, 19.2-152.8, 19.2-152.9, 19.2-152.10, or subsection B of § 20-103, or if the private investigator knows or should reasonably know that the client seeks the private investigator's services to aid in the commission of a crime.
C. For the purposes of this section: "Electronic tracking device" means an electronic or mechanical device that permits a person to remotely determine or track the position and movement of another person. "Fleet vehicle" means (i) one or more motor vehicles owned by a single entity and operated by employees or agents of the entity for business or government purposes, (ii) motor vehicles held for lease or rental to the general public, or (iii) motor vehicles held for sale by motor vehicle dealers.

Beware of fake charity phone calls


October 15th, 2015

AIP is continually bombarded by what we term “fake charities”. We are located in the state of Virginia, and these solicitation calls to our business number have been numerous over the last three years. The first question we ask is “What percentage do you give to your cause”. Unanimously they all claim, after a rant about their expenses, “We are proud to give 12 percent”, of which our response is typically, “12 percent is shameful, take me off of your list”. After more than an estimated 50 calls in the last few years, we have never been solicited by phone by an organization worth giving to. Oh, they all claim to be “calling on behalf” of a noble cause; breast cancer, homeless veterans or disabled police officers, but don't be sucked in., a good online resource, provides a list of the 10 Charities Overpaying their For-Profit Fundraisers .

Searched Ashley Madison data for executive concerned about possible blackmail


September 16th, 2015

Conducted a data investigation of all the Ashley Madison information to assure a professional executive that damaging information was not found within. Several critical keyword searches were conducted to assure the executive he was not at risk of being blackmailed. While AIP has access to all of the hacked information, we are not able to provide the complete information to anyone. We can check all of the information for any keywords or phases of concern, and can inform a client which lines in pertinent files may be associated to him/her. Call us with any questions you may have.

Assisted State Police in apprehension of Felony Hit and Run suspect

July 28th, 2015

After being retained by the grieving mother of a 15 year old, AIP assisted the Virginia State Police in firming up schedules and locations of the 31 year old suspect, James Mcgoff. This assisted in his subsequent apprehension. According to filed documents Mcgoff, after hitting the victim, left the scene of the accident and did not attempt to render assistance, later telling authorities he thought he hit a deer. Mcgoff also admitted to making repairs to his damaged vehicle the same day. See more about this story: here

Executed a difficult personal service


July 27th, 2015

In the assistance of an out of state client in a child custody case where young children were going to be exposed to a convicted child molester and car thief, and with the help of confidential informants, was successful in finding and putting key court documents in the hands of the ex-wife. Despite her attempt to avoid impeding service, we were able to get Personal Service, which is the most legally binding, accomplished. Thanks to client and other parties who provided key information in this important case, helping to keep innocents safe.

Assisting in a variety of cases

June 17th, 2015

Continuing to get valuable evidence for a variety of clients, AIP recently concluded another infidelity case, obtaining solid evidence amounting to five illicit late night visits. The evidence was documented in a professional report worthy of presentation in any courtroom, and provided to the client's attorney. Additionally, AIP is currently involved in assisting an international insurance company in recovering assets related to defrauding valued in the millions. AIP crosses the spectrum of clients and cases.

New, high resolution camera


March 18th, 2015

AIP -- in it's continued quest to serve it's clients -- has acquired an even higher level, professional camera system. This new Canon camera has an incredible resolution of over 22 MegaPixels, and an extreme iso setting of 102,800 for low light images. This allows us to obtain critical evidence for our clients in the extreme photographic situations we find ourselves operating; where we are often required to take night images while hand shooting without a flash. We continue to invest in the equipment needed to obtain the critical evidence.

We continue to improve and expand our mobile friendly site
March 7th, 2015

Continued expansion is in progress of this site to make it more informative and helpful in understanding AIP and the services we offer. Also, be sure to look at the "Useful Free Links" section on the Contact page for powerful investigative resources.